Hop on my saddle, love

From Let’s Play Minecraft 54 - I Spy [x]

I apologize for being MIA. My internets been kind of sucky lately. I do have a few things queued and remember, send in your gavinisms!

News on my replicated Achievement City: I’m currently finishing up the Shopping List area and the Hot Foot/Hoof/Hoof X. After that it’ll be good to go! I’ll keep you updated. Till then, feel free to add me on xbox live: allonsyallyson :)


Would anyone be interested in playing some of their favorite Let’s Plays?

My arsehole is leaking gas

From Let’s Build in Minecraft 8 - Slice of Hell [x]


Tippity toppers

I wish I could set people on fire with my pants

From Let’s Play: Gears of War Judgement - Free For All [x]

Hey Ryan? Hey Ryan, this is your thing right? Have an egg, bitch!

From Let’s Play Minecraft 53 - Shopping List Part 2 [x]

Suck my British anus!

From VS Episode 7 - Ray VS Gavin [x]

How does Ray win a game that doesn’t involve touching the controller?

From Things To Do In Minecraft - Hot Hoof [x]

Bloody Stevie Wonder in a drive-by

From Let’s Play -GTA IV Races [x]